“Fight against Corona”

In recent days I have been very active in and around the house, but of course with my biggest hobby “painting”. Corona keeps us all busy. Dreadful. That is why I spontaneously made a painting. Called "Fight against Corona". We must continue to believe in a colorful future. Temporarily I hung the painting in our dining room.

Greetings and stay healthy.

Schilderij - Fight against Corona


Abstract with dogs

Today I surprized a couple with a painting which I was commissioned to make (60 x 180 cm). The request was whether I was able to paint both the images of their dogs very briefly in this abstract work. Mission accomplished.

Schilderij Zuid Afrika (Kaapstad)


Painting South Africa (Cape Town)

Made as an assignment for a couple who saw such a painting hanging in South Africa (Cape Town) in 2015 but were unable to transport it.

Schilderij Zuid Afrika (Kaapstad)


Christmas gift for mum and dad

Always so beautiful and emotional to make people happy.
Commissioned by an “old”colleague and his wife I painted their granddaughter.
As a Christmas gift for mum and dad of the little “Fenna”.

Kerstkado Fenna


50 year marriage Hans & Elvira

And finally it is done. Painting commissioned by a couple who will soon be married for 50 years. The work is made up of 50 small detailed paintings that relate to their lives: houses, cars, work, favorite games, children and grandschildren. Furthermore, the details are supplemented with flowers that the couple loves. It was a big job and a huge challenge but it was great to do. A photo of the painting has also been used as an invitation card for their wedding party.

schilderij figuratief 50 jarig huwelijk hans elvira


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