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I live in Heerlen (Welten), one of the most southern cities of the Netherlands. Since July 2016 I stopped working. Currently I am enjoying my free time immensely. In the past I was also a qualified sport masseur and interior decorator. I spent my youth in South Africa for a period of 12 years (6th up to my 18th year). As a child I was fascinated by the colours of nature and the human individual. That is why I started drawing at an early stage.

jean visieMoved and forced through my creativity I developed in the following years. I kept on drawing and painting and still do.
I do not have a fixed style. It all depends on the mood I am in. My paintings differ but are all made with loving passion for my work.

In short, it all starts with white canvas. A challenge without a predetermined plan, without direction or preset goals. It stimulates and sets things in motion.

"Jean is a multi-purposed man and an all-round painter. His work is timeless and if it touches the spectator because of the imaginative expressions it will force the viewer to react and reflect.

He is a man that is always on the move…….

His work impresses by the passion with which it is made."

Enjoy while you are viewing.


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